A multiethnic Christian fellowship that teaches & applies the words of Jesus

We affirm paleo-orthodoxy, highlighting the history & cultural backgrounds of the Bible

It also means we teach the essential doctrines shared by all Christians

We practice original Christianity, restoring early-church polity & worship

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open SundayThursday / closed Friday & Saturday

Prayer, worship & intentional community form the basis of First Century Christian Church


We gather for prayer, dialogic sermons, spiritual reflection & inductive Bible study


Agapē Feast of God's Word

Sunday, 10 am–12 pm

The "Agapē Feast of God's Word" is based on the communion meals shared by first-century Christians


It features two things that Jesus wants us to do: listen & obey (cf. Matthew 7:24-27)


The first part includes music, scripture reading, a dialogic sermon & open mic


The second part is the "love feast," or agapē in biblical Greek—an actual meal for communion


Wednesday Evening Fellowship

Wednesday, 5:30–7 pm

Wednesday Evening Fellowship includes dinner, a social hour & devotional lesson


Prayer, Quiet Time & Pastoral Care

Monday–Thursday, 11 am–1 pm

We are open during the lunch period for individual prayer, quiet reflection, or pastoral care


Feel free to bring your meal with you, as only water & coffee are provided

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Ministry & Community Service

First Century Christian Church serves Erie & Northwestern Pennsylvania

We are committed to the teaching of Jesus and to share his good news

We are open to people of all ages & backgrounds



N. T. Wright

For too long we have read scripture with nineteenth-century eyes & sixteenth-century questions.

It's time to get back to reading with first-century eyes & twenty-first century questions



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